Luscious Lashes

Luscious Lashes


Made of 100% Real Mink Fur, Fashionable 3D style. Pure Hand Made, Soft Band, comfortable to wear.  Can be used many times if the eyelashes are used and removed properly. Eyelashes can be trimmed to fit the contour of your eyes. A variety of styles to choose from. Free from chemical treatment & hypo-allergenic & cruelty-free. Eco-friendly.

Color: Black

    Carefully remove the eyelashes from the case. Line the eyelash glue on the lash strip. Set for about 30-50 seconds until the glue is tacky and not completely wet . Apply the lash strip to the base of your natural lash line. Lightly press the false lashes to match your natural line. If necessary, apply eye shadow or eyeliner to make your eye-line look more natural. Use makeup remover to remove false eyelashes after use.

  • Note

    1. Be gentle when removing your lashes or applying them. Use a pointed tweezer to gently remove any excess glue from the lashes after every wear.

    2. Avoid mascara especially waterproof mascara, it can damage mink. You could try to use as little as possible on your own lashes before putting on your mink lashes.

    3.Don't soak your lashes in water or any other liquid as it may ruin the shape and curl of the lash. Quickly rinse lashes and leave them to dry when needed.

    4.Don't tug or pull on the lash when removing glue. Don't use oil-based solutions or harsh chemicals, it will damage and weaken the construction and look of your mink lashes.

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